Government-specific training solutions to professionals meet the desired level of performance, ranging from strategic planning and performance measurement to innovation.

Strategic Planning in Government

This course will help improve long-term government performance through the use of strategic planning tools. It is addressed to representatives of all types of government organizations seeking to explore the framework that provides the foundation of a successful strategy, focusing on the main components of a strategy and practicing the development of an efficient strategic plan.

Performance Measurement in Government

This course provides a detailed understanding on the development of performance measurement frameworks to support selection, documentation, data gathering and data reporting processes related to Key Performance Indicators for government programs.

Performance Management in Government

Performance management starts with measurement and continues with improvement. Government structures need performance data to manage programs, to make decisions, and constantly improve services. This course aims to support governments to measure and improve performance.

Balanced Scorecard Management System in Government

The course provides you with relevant knowledge on how to develop and implement a Balanced Scorecard System in governmental context. It focuses on delivering all the information needed to fully comprehend the value of the Balanced Scorecard, as well as on developing the necessary skills for a successful implementation.

Managing Performance of Human Resources in Government

The evaluation of human resources in governmental context is the subject of specific and special procedures. This course will clarify key concepts and will provide practical tools and techniques for designing, implementing, maintaining and improving the Employee Performance Management System. Attendees will learn how to establish and use criteria for evaluating performance.

Building a Performance Culture in Government

The course supports government structures in developing capabilities to design and maintain an effective performance-based culture. To successfully reach the desired state of evolution, this course assists governments in leading a culture of excellence to implement rigorous performance-based solutions.

Innovation in Government

This course offers the opportunity to enhance governmental performance through creativity, idea management, and a complex innovation framework. It aims to support governments in designing a process of innovation and developing innovation tools.

Government Business Excellence Framework

This course provides a detailed understanding of business excellence frameworks and networks in governmental context. Excellence encompasses aspects ranging from strong execution organizational culture, processes improvement to efficient organizational communication systems.

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