1. Country performance planning & monitoring

We are committed to guiding and supporting countries’ governmental bodies all throughout their efforts, by ensuring they have the best strategic planning, performance measurement and monitoring capabilities and they fulfil the mission and mandate given by their citizens.

This project aims at answering some essential questions:

  • How good countries and governments are in meeting their citizens’ needs and expectation?
  • Are they efficiently and effectively sustaining resources for current and future generations?
  • Are they supporting the need for more collaboration between countries, governments and citizens?

2. Ministry / Agency performance planning & monitoring

Performance Excellence is a journey that we are all part of, as long as we live in this continuously changing world.  However, there is a high need for commitment and willingness for continuous improvement, and interrelations between all stakeholders are a must in order to achieve outstanding results.

We can support Ministries and Agencies in planning their strategies and country-wide initiatives to align their work with the country’s governmental environment, ensure a sound performance measurement system while all stakeholders are kept in the loop of the ongoing work through clear and thorough performance monitoring processes.


3. Government owned businesses performance planning & monitoring

Government owned businesses are an important part in any governmental sustainable journey, whether in terms of financial returns, expected impact on the society and partnership developments with private sector businesses.
We are willing to start a “Government Owned Businesses Performance Partnership – GOBPP” with your organisation, in order to work hand in hand and support all your performance planning and monitoring projects towards being highly competitive.


4. Government Transparency & Performance Evaluation Programme

The aim of this Programme is to identify what makes a Government or governmental agency transparent and what is the actual impact on the citizens. The project is comprised of the following elements:

  • Defining a baseline for governmental organizations’ transparency through the different communication channels used to reach citizens and stakeholder;
  • Detailed audit of the for tools and guidelines used to reach stakeholders against best practices;
  • Thorough assessment for methodologies and approaches used to achieve desired outcomes of transparency and collaborations with citizens and other stakeholders.

5. Documented Government – Local KPIs, an extensive research program conducted by The KPI Institute, offers 860+ examples of Key Performance Indicators for Local Government, divided by the following categories:

If you are interested in further exploring these services and the possibility to access them for your governmental entity, contact us directly at [email protected] or leave us a message!