The Performance Improvement and KPIs Conference, Dubai 17-20 October 2016

Across the world, governments are turning increasingly more towards performance improvement and adjustment. The Middle East is especially praised for its national initiatives and strategy implementation.

The Performance Improvement and KPIs Conference reflects key initiatives taken in the GCC region regarding Government performance. Through dedicated workshops, keynote speakers and essential case studies, the four-day event is designed for leaders and authorities from the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Europe.

The Government sector is covered in all of the event’s four days of the event through dedicated workshops, 2 days of case study presentation and networking opportunities with industry experts.

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Center for Government Performance - Executive evenings

In order to explore and discuss performance challenges at the governmental level, we are organizing Government Executive Evening, a unique event for top executives working in government agencies to share their expertise and knowledge with each other for the benefit of their organizations.


  • Examine key tools that help you enhance performance in a public sector setting;
  • Grasp the best practices in implementing a framework for KPI Measurement;
  • Understand KPI measurement challenges and how to address them;
  • Gain new insights from high-level executives, selected from a wide range of government entities;
  • Get expert advice on the most pressing and complex issues.

More details about the Government Executive Evening will be available soon.

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