The members of the Center for Government Performance have more than 14 years of experience in analyzing and improving the performance of Government entities. Our current state-of-art framework, as well as our expertise in improving Government performance are the result of dozens of projects delivered and thousands of resources researched and referenced.


Our Center’s Director, Aurel Brudan, was involved in an extensive performance improvement project with the Australian Government;



The KPI Institute was based, with the purpose of providing cutting-edge solutions for every business sector;



The implementation of numerous performance management frameworks, based on the Balanced Scorecard, for Australian public sector entities;



The launch of smartKPIs.com, a platform that now hosts 1,700+ Government KPIs;



The first edition of Top 25 State Government KPIs and Top 25 Local Government KPIs, two collections of the most popular public sector KPIs;



The official release of Top 25 State Government KPIs of 2011-2012 and Top 25 Local Government KPIs of 2011-2012;



The official release of Performance Management in 2012, a qualitative research study that includes the status of performance related legislations around the world;



The official launch of PERFORMANCE Magazine, an online publication that now includes dozens of articles on performance within government entities;



The inclusion of all the research done in the past 14 years in the field under the Center for Government Performance.